Current Job Openings:

Full-time certified high school English language arts teacher.

Full-time certified middle school English language arts teacher.

*Full-time certified elementary general education or English language arts teacher.


*Tunghai University also has an affiliated elementary school that that is seeking qualified teachers, please email to inquire for further information.


Job Description:


The Affiliated High School of Tunghai University Foreign Language teachers are commitment to the following:

  • We will treat every student fairly and with respect.
  • We will always protect the safety, interests, and rights of all individuals in the classroom by providing a positive, safe, and organized learning environment.
  • We will provide a rigorous curriculum along with necessary support in order to prepare every Tunghai student to achieve success in their academic goals of high school and college.
  • We will act as role models for students to encourage them to serve as active, positive members of society.



  • Arrive at Tunghai on time and remain for the entire school day.
  • Teach 20 periods a week, over 20 hours teaching will be compensated at the discretion of the International Education director and principle.
  • Plan and deliver engaging rigorous lessons according to students’ need the provided curriculum and textbooks.
  • Attend and participate in all staff meetings and in-school professional development.
  • Update gradebook and student progress on a regular basis.
  • Complete and submit all required paperwork in a timely manner.
  • Respond to all communication from students, parents, and fellow staff members within a timely fashion and make ourselves available to them as needed.
  • Attend parent meetings and conferences and occasionally participate in Saturday school event.
  • Chaperone field trips.



  • Demonstrate behavior that is professional, ethical, and responsible.
  • Ensure compliance with all Taiwan educational system laws and administrative guidelines.
  • Serve as appropriate a role model for colleagues, students, staff, and parents.



  • Ability to work on a team.
  • Dedicated to learn, grow, and develop as a professional.
  • Believe that every student can and will achieve.
  • Exhibit strong written and verbal communicate skills to communicate effectively and appropriately with others.
  • Maintain emotional control under stress.



  • Two-year commitment to teaching at The Affiliated High School of Tinghai University with the possibility of working longer tern.
  • Have a mission focused belief that all students around the world deserve high quality education.
  • Most have a current teaching certification in English. Preferably certification in grades 7-12; however specialized elementary English education may be considered as well.
  • Must have a Bachelors in Education, English literature, or other related field of study; preferably Master's degree in education.
  • Teaching experience (this including student teaching experience) in the US or Canada is not necessary but highly preferred.


*Being able to speak Chinese or Taiwanese is not considered in an applicant as all classes are taught completely in English. Teachers have thrived without learning more than a limited amount of Chinese.

However, many teachers find it useful to learn basic Chinese once they arrive and there are convenient opportunities for language study at Tunghai University.


Application and Hiring Process:



  • Cover letter, please include your teaching philosophy and your goals for teaching in Tunghai.
  • Resume
  • Current teaching certification



  • Selected applicants will be asked to provide official transcripts of their higher education and teaching certification.
  • Selected applicants may also be asked to provide a video or audio sample of a class, lesson and unit plans, teaching portfolio, and professional references.
  • Phone or in-person interviews will be held from April to June.
  • Most hiring decisions are made within two weeks after the interview. When a contract is offered, teachers will be given a time frame to reply. All new staff are required to be on duty in Taiwan at the beginning of August.


Benefits and Salary

USD$ figures are presented in this summary for your convenience. Approx.

NTD$29-30=USD$1.00. Actual salary and benefits are calculated in NTD$



Salary is paid on a monthly basis beginning after the first full month of employment. Salary increases yearly based in the number of years having taught at Tunghai starting with a monthly salary of $2,200~2,300 USD$ with a class load of 20 hours a week. Many teachers will teach more than 20 hours which would then include pay of 500NTD$ per hour.


Because of cost of living lower than what is found in the United States, and since Taiwan's universal healthcare benefits are included as a full time employee, many teachers save more while living in Taiwan than they do in the United States despite a lower base salary.



Tunghai teachers have a paid 3 weeks of winter vacation during the Chinese New Year and 2 months off in the summer. One month paid and second month with the option of teaching summer school. From the second year forward Tunghai teachers will have 3 weeks of winter vacation and 2 months paid summer vacation. Frist year teachers are expected to arrive at least 10 days before the start of the semester for in-school professional development training.



Tunghai salary and benefits are not taxable in the USA because they qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion. There is a Taiwan income tax which is deducted directly out of one's monthly paycheck.



Tunghai provides assistance related to processing visa and work permit and will help teachers obtain working visas during their time of employment.



Taiwan has a National Health insurance(NHI) program which includes medical, dental, and alternative medicine. The co-pay for a doctor or dentist visit is usually less than US5$.There is no celling on the amount of coverage. The government does establish maximum payouts on specific procedures. These payouts are widely accepted by Taiwan doctors and hospital as adequate payments for services rendered. Taiwan is well-known as having the most cost-effective healthcare system worldwide. A nonworking spouse and accompanying children can join the NHI program four (4) months after they have their Resident status (i.e. after they have their Alien Resident Cards).

Taichung Veteran's Hospital, Taichung's largest hospital, is directly across the street from Tunghai and offers complete medical and dental services. Within a ten-minute bus or cab ride from Tunghai are many western and Chinese medical clinics that offer drop-in services.



Tunghai is part of Tunghai University and thus teachers are able to audit evening classes at the university for free with the professor's permission. Furthermore Tunghai University is well known for their Chinese Language Department and has offered study abroad programs for college students from prestigious universities such as Yale. For teachers there are a variety of options including intensive summer language programs, small group, and one-on-one language study. The cost of Chinese language study at Tunghai University is relatively inexpensive, 5-7 student classes cost $1600 a semester while private classes are $3200 a semester. More information can be found at http://clc.thu.edu.tw/main.php.



Eating out is often more convenient and cost effective than cooking in Taiwan. Lunch (with vegetarian options) in buffet style is provided for Tunghai teachers for $2USD/meal. Discounted at $1USD/meal if you purchased every day. Eating options are also readily available at Tunghai University cafeterias. Furthermore Tunghai University has a farm which provides fresh milk, ice cream, and baked goods in their dairy store. Convenient stores such as 7-11 and coffee shops are nearly at every street corner in the city and are also found within the university.


There are two night markets just outside the university. Eateries, clothing shops, malls, and shopping centers are readily accessible along the main street which runs alongside Tunghai all within walking and biking distance or a short bus ride. Within the university there is a post office and baking services. Tunghai help teachers will open a local banking account and provide monthly salary direct deposits.



Many teachers bike to and from school. Bikes can be kept in the classroom. Some teachers have scooters which is a popular method of transportation in Taiwan. Taichung's bus system (which stops right outside the school) offers free bus rides within 8 km and to the high-speed-rail train with a metro card which is available for a nominal fee of a few cents a ride.



Taiwan has subtropical weather. The average climate in Taiwan is about 70°F, lowest temperatures at about 50°F in the winter months of January to March and during the hottest months to go up to 100°F.


Taiwan's summer weather can often be challenging for those that are accustomed to cooler temperatures. Taiwan is located on the Tropic of Cancer and have hot and humid summers and typhoon season from June to October. Tunghai provides air conditioning in all classrooms and dorm housing, still there is often a period of adjustment to the heat, particularly since foreign teachers often arrive during the height of summer. Yet by mid-October the summer heat usually subsides to a welcoming climate in the mid-70s with ocean breezes. Since Tunghai is located on a gentle sloping hill with forested trees, the weather is often cooler and more comfortable than in other part of Taiwan.



Taiwan has a variety of indoor attractions and outdoor activities. Taiwan had modern urban attractions within its big cities from its National Palace Museum to Taipei 101, the well-known upside-down stack of cup that was the world's tallest building from 2004-2010. Or if you are a food connoisseur you have come to the right place, there is a saying that Taiwanese can eat a highway food! There is something for every person, from typical western foods to Asian exotics. For the outdoor adventurer surfing is popular in the southern tip of Taiwan, sailing and other water sports are also available. Taiwan has the highest mountain in Southeast Asia and hiking is also very popular. There are many outdoor clubs year round, Also train or bike tours going around the island is very popular. More information to attractions can be found at http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/


Contact Information Please email your preliminary application and may have to the Director of International Education Department:


Violet Chen

Director of International Education Department


教職員 學生 家長
大學部 小學部 幼兒園